Jerri Lisk

JERRI LISK was born into a life of Paint brushes pencils and paper. With ocean and desert in her veins, her world grew rich with color, her eye ready to fasten the most impossible blue to a hillside, or to find the strongest form to represent the shape of a tree. A student under painter Frank Holda, she later studied in London at the Leonard Pardon school of Specialty Design; where she taught walls to become chameleons and whispered fluently the language of texture, material, surface, and hue.

Jerri now sets out into deserts, up craggy limber pine ridge-tops and down into dry river desert canyons, capturing in pen the stark forms of trees hills and valley bottoms. Later she illuminates her line. Unfolding three-dimensional worlds within her paper, filling each with intense color and depth of light, on the surface of Aluminum.

Her small series and large works are represented by the Art Sprit Gallery in Coeur d’Alene ID the Lund Gallery in Park City UT and the Capitol Contemporay Gallery in Boise ID, and now with Peterson Contemporary Art in Bend, OR.