• Stan Peterson

  • The Falconer

  • Basswood
  • 23 " x 7 " x 6 "
  • The Falconer
    I saw her doing the Raptor Demo at the High Desert Museum. She stood tall,
    demonstrating power, and vision coinciding with the time of the “me too” movement,
    and the raised fist of the “Resist” movement. But it was the power of communication of trained flight which lifted my eyes to carve this sculpture. When the raptor flew past my head knocking my hat off with a wingbeat, I had no choice. In the process, it became clear that the falcon was the eyes of the falconer. So I carved and painted her profile with one eye looking up ready to command. The other side of her face was left blank as the falcon’s vision would more than suffice.
    This piece was carved and painted while an Artist in Residence at Pine Meadow Ranch, Sisters, Oregon 2019.
  • $1,400